CDPHP®: Laying the Foundation for the Changes Ahead

Our team spent the better part of 2013 preparing for the Affordable Care Act and the inevitable changes this new law would bring. While this groundwork entailed reconfiguring the types of plans we offer to new and existing members and changing the way they're offered, our commitment to putting our members first never wavered and remained a guiding principle.

To further our preparations and enable us to take the lead on efforts to lower costs and increase access to affordable, quality care, we have made significant investments in products, programs, and infrastructure over the past several years. And we are proactively and continually setting our sights on the future and aligning ourselves with community partners that share the same vision.

As the premier health plan in the Capital Region, we take pride in our steadfast focus on preventive measures to help our members avoid chronic illnesses and enjoy an improved quality of life. This, in combination with our efforts to explore and employ cutting-edge technology and develop innovative products and services that will lead to better health, better care, and lower costs, is helping to propel us toward our ultimate goal of a healthier community.

John D. Bennett, MD
President and CEO
Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc.

Gennaro A. Daniels, MD
Chairman, Board of Directors
Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc.