CDPHP®: A Health Value Strategy that Drives Everything We Do

2012 was a banner year for CDPHP®, in terms of enrollment. Membership grew by nearly 47,000 since 2011. In addition, CDPHP® furthered its goal to achieve the Triple Aim* by forming and strengthening strategic partnerships both within the medical community and the community at large, developing new initiatives and improving our ability to connect with our most valued resource – our members.

Through advancements in our products, programs, and technology, and through the guidance of our leadership team and staff, we were able to maintain our focus on our true goal: advancing the health of our members, enhancing their experience of health care, and mitigating increases in the cost of that care while preserving and improving its quality.


John D. Bennett, MD
President and CEO
Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc.

Gennaro A. Daniels, MD
Chairman, Board of Directors
Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc.

*As articulated by the Institute for Healthcare Improvement: to improve health, enhance the patient experience, and lower health care costs.