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Annual Report 2017

Valued customers, physicians, colleagues, and friends

As we look back on the challenges and sweeping changes that have shaped and shaken the health care world in 2017, we at CDPHP® are immensely proud to have steadfastly honored our commitment to the health of our members and our community while maintaining our tradition of unparalleled service excellence. We made a promise to our stakeholders: to continue to fight for affordability, advocate for price transparency, and work together with local doctors and employers to provide best-in-class care at the best price for all our members. Each and every day, we strive to deliver on that promise in unique and innovative ways. It’s what we call The CDPHP Difference.

To give you an idea of the breadth, depth, and fervor of our efforts, we invite you to learn about some of the programs and practices, detailed in the pages that follow, which have set our company apart as a model of health value, a leader in effective health care reform, and an award-winning advocate for health and wellness in the community. And we give you our pledge that we will continue to forge new pathways for community outreach, wellness promotion, and disease prevention, all the while seeking greater affordability and cementing the collaborative partnerships with our provider network, business colleagues, and community organizations that make these health care advances possible.

John D. Bennett, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer

Genarro A. Daniels, MD

Chairman of the Board