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Annual Report 2015

Valued customers, physicians, colleagues, and friends

As CDPHP® closes the book on yet another demanding but exciting year in health care, our company is understandably proud to have reaffirmed its commitment to the health of our community and to our time-tested tradition of exceptional service. In remaining true to our roots as a physician-guided, member-focused, and community-based health plan, we have been able to navigate the challenges posed by the current health care landscape, emerging as an even stronger model of health value, a pre-eminent leader in effective health care reform, and an unflagging community supporter.

This achievement has not been accomplished without considerable effort and continuous self-reform. We have challenged our leadership team and staff to adopt fresh perspectives in order to develop innovative solutions and initiatives for engaging our members, controlling costs, and improving health care delivery for all our stakeholders. And we’ve done so without compromising the award-winning quality and exceptional service on which we’ve built our reputation.

In the process, we’ve forged new pathways for community outreach, redoubled our wellness promotion and disease prevention efforts, expanded our educational and technology resources for members, and cemented our collaborative partnerships with our provider network and a host of community nonprofit organizations. The following report chronicles our progress on these fronts.

As we look ahead to 2016 and beyond, we pledge to sustain and augment these efforts, focusing our resources to increase engagement and deliver even greater improvements in health care quality and service.

John D. Bennett, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer

Genarro A. Daniels, MD

Chairman of the Board