Annual Report 2018

Letter from CDPHP CEO and Chairman of the Board

Valued customers, physicians, colleagues, and friends,

The health care industry continues to change at lightning speed. Clearly, hospital and health systems consolidation, rising prescription drug costs, increasingly strident calls for a single-payer system of health care, the emergence of population health management strategies and attention to social determinants of health, and the introduction of artificial intelligence and new technologies, among other developments, have all made their mark on the health care landscape.

We at CDPHP have also undergone some significant changes, all while remaining true to our mission. We still strive to provide quality health care at a reasonable cost for our subscribers and operate CDPHP as a model for the delivery, financing, and administration of health care services. And our name hasn’t changed ̶ physicians are still very much at the center of Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc.

However, we are refocusing our role as a not-for-profit, physician-guided plan committed to the health and well-being of the community we serve. As we’ve embraced the concept of population health, we’ve adopted a more holistic view of our members, taking into consideration not only their health status, but the context within which their health status has been shaped - the social determinants that have influenced their health and their ability to maintain or improve it.

As a result, the “Why” of CDPHP has expanded:

to make our members healthy, happy, safe, and secure.

Healthy does not mean just the delivery of high-quality health care. Our members’ end goal isn’t health care, it’s health. So we need to ensure that they have the knowledge and resources available to achieve their optimal state of health.

Happy means that we’re concerned about our members’ experience of care, about the stress level in their lives, their mental well-being, and their quality of life.

Safe refers not only to our efforts to ensure that the care our members receive does no harm - for instance, that their medications are prescribed in accordance with the latest protocols, and that they are discharged from the hospital to a safe environment. It also means that we need to consider factors impacting the community in which they live - whether their home is lead-free, their neighborhood is safe, their water source is uncontaminated, and their food is safe to eat.

Secure means that our members, for instance, have adequate, affordable health care coverage for themselves and their loved ones, that they have access and the means to purchase nutritious foods, and that they’re not having to make a decision between paying the rent and getting the prescription medications they need.

This holistic vision has helped set our Plan apart as an award-winning model of health value and service excellence, as well as a staunch advocate for community health and wellness. We pledge to continue these efforts in order to honor our commitment to all our stakeholders.

John D. Bennett, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer

Genarro A. Daniels, MD
Chairman of the Board