Health Care Delivery System

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As a health plan founded and directed by physicians, CDPHP is always seeking opportunities to partner with our network physicians and providers in a meaningful way in order to promote wellness, improve the coordination and delivery of health services, and celebrate excellence. In 2018, we accomplished this through a range of strategic initiatives and events, including:

  • The ongoing expansion and improvement of our value-based Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program, as well as the establishment of an EPC advisory committee, populated by physicians from our EPC medical practices, that helps us identify strategies for improving and facilitating effective and affordable care. As evidence that we listen to our providers, in 2018, we eliminated the requirement that care providers seek pre-authorization before ordering high-tech imaging for their patients.

  • A growing constellation of clinical and back-office services provided by Practice Support Services, LLC and its subsidiaries.The company offers practitioners access to data analytics and care management resources and helps medical practices manage invoicing, collections, staffing, and more.

  • The institution of a “doctors on rounds” program whereby medical directors from CDPHP periodically conduct hospital rounds to consult with network physicians and review the care received by CDPHP members

  • Planning for the launch of a series of educational, interactive, lunch-and-learn webinars that focus on topics of interest to our network of primary care practices

  • Re-establishment of the office of Corporate Member Engagement as a means of enlisting the support of our original founders and funders to determine how CDPHP can best preserve the advances we’ve made in the delivery of care while preserving physician governance of the Plan. This is an especially relevant initiative given the threats posed by single-payer health care, hospital/provider consolidation, rising drug prices, and physician shortages and burnout, among others.

  • The induction of network physicians, recognized by their peers for their contributions as role models to their medical colleagues and as ambassadors in fostering the delivery of high-value health care, into the CDPHP Physicians’ Academy.

  • The use of analytics to identify and celebrate Top Doctors who have met our health plan’s rigorous standards for quality care, efficiency, and patient satisfaction.