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My Healthy Life

In 2018, CDPHP stepped up its efforts to ensure that its members had the personalized tools and information to lead their healthiest life, wherever they were on the health continuum. Known in the health care industry as population health management, it is a concerted effort to utilize data analytics and care coordination to identify gaps in health care and then to coordinate clinical care for improved health outcomes.

The process begins with setting quality standards. But we understand that standards can’t be effective unless our members are personally engaged in maintaining and improving their health, and barriers to health care access are reduced or eliminated.

Member and Community Engagement

Community engagement and education are key factors in helping individuals reach their optimal level of health, so our outreach strategies are geared to meet members on their terms and in their neighborhoods.

  • CDPHP has partnered with CaféWell, an app that gives members the personalized tools, support, and resources they need to take control of their health and track their progress.

  • In 2018, we also laid the groundwork for the launch of several additional health-promoting initiatives, including:

►  A comprehensive diabetes management program suitable for a range of conditions, from pre-diabetes to complex, chronic diabetes with comorbidity
►  An innovative nutritional app, Zipongo, which helps members take the guesswork out of making sound nutritional choices
►  A concierge-type hospital experience for CDPHP members, designed to create a more comprehensive, personalized, and integrated approach to care and service at Capital Region hospitals. 

  • Multiple times each year, CDPHP hosts Healthy Neighborhood events in underserved communities. There, individuals and families can undergo health screenings, receive information on insurance coverage and community wellness resources, and learn about the preventive and proactive measures they can take to maintain or improve their health.

  • In an effort to understand how we can improve our members’ health care experience, we’ve established a Member Advisory Committee that meets quarterly. We have also created and promoted CDPHP Insights, an online survey community that allows community members to express their opinions and ideas on a range of health-related topics.

  • We’ve redoubled our efforts to promote health literacy, reviewing and revising our communications to improve readability and removing unnecessary jargon and technical terms to promote understanding.

  • In 2018, CDPHP also set the stage for expanding its fitness benefits to provide reimbursement for gym memberships up to $600, and to partner with the Rudy A. Ciccotti Family Recreation Center to offer commercial members free access to the Center’s Next Steps™ and Kids on the Move programs. The Next Steps Fitness ProgramTM is designed for individuals who are transitioning from or managing a chronic medical condition, such as cancer or heart disease, undergoing an interventional procedure, such as joint replacement, or seeking to improve their level of physical activity. Kids on the Move provides children 7 to 15 years of age with fun and effective exercises that build healthy muscles, bones, and joints, and includes a one-month gym membership upon completion of the program.

Breaking Down Barriers

CDPHP recognizes that there are many factors affecting community members’ ability to maintain or improve their health and access the care they need. These so-called social determinants of health may include transportation issues, housing instability, unsafe neighborhoods, cultural and language differences, food Insecurity, poverty, educational deficits, and mental health issues, to name a few. That is why we’ve expanded our efforts to help community members surmount these barriers.

  • CDPHP has collaborated with local community and social service organizations to offer Community ConnectSM, a program that provides members and non-members access to health, wellness, food, and housing resources in a location convenient to them. Two related initiatives were launched in 2018: housing support and critical services for homeless individuals or those at risk of losing their home, and distribution of coupons for the purchase of fresh, frozen, and canned fruits and vegetables to individuals in need. The latter was a campaign made possible in collaboration with Price Chopper/Market 32 and the Rudy A. Ciccotti Family Recreation Center, as well as our Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) providers and network pharmacies.

  • Recognizing that regular exercise plays a key role in health, we now offer free membership at five CDPHP Fitness ConnectSM locations in and around the Capital Region. Each is outfitted with a full complement of cardiovascular and strength-training equipment.

  • When members who are enrolled in our commercial plans need to consult a doctor, they now have the convenient option of connecting with Doctor on Demand via their phone, tablet, or computer 365 days a year, round the clock.

  • We offer a robust, data-driven workplace wellness program, coordinated by a certified health promotion specialist, that is tailored to the specific needs and care gaps of employees. Among other features, the program provides onsite health screenings and nutritional guidance, paired with an incentive program to help motivate the workforce to reach their health goals.