Sustainable Growth

CDPHP expands to North Country image

CDPHP aims to be a positive force in promoting value-based, quality health care services for years to come, so we are always seeking ways to grow our business and sphere of operations in a sustainable manner.

North Country Expansion

In June of 2018, CDPHP extended its service area to encompass New York’s North Country, offering coverage in Clinton, Franklin, Essex, and Warren Counties. Access to quality health care is critical for improving the health of our communities, particularly in rural areas, and we are excited to be able to offer patients in the North Country a high-quality, best-in-class option for their health care coverage.

Product Innovation

We also expanded our array of innovative products and services to meet the full range of our customers’ health needs.

Essential Plan CDPHP rolled out our four-tier Essential Plan, which offers free or low-cost coverage to New York residents who are 19 to 64 years of age, do not already have health care, and do not qualify for Medicaid. There are four different coverage levels within the Essential Plan, with costs adjusted according to family size and income. The premium is either $0 or $20 per person, and there are no deductibles.

$0 Premium For those members eligible for Medicare, CDPHP introduced a $0 premium Medicare Advantage plan in 2018. Additionally, Medicare members can now enjoy preventive dental services (available from Delta Dental providers), as well as vision and hearing coverage.

Copay First CDPHP introduced an innovative new product design – Copay First – for both the large and small group markets. Copay First offers first-dollar coverage at a more affordable price point, while placing an emphasis on the importance of preventive services.

HARP As part of its Medicaid managed care services, CDPHP also offered a new product, called Health and Recovery Plan (HARP), which provides physical and behavioral health care benefits for individuals 21 years of age or older who are solely insured by Medicaid and are eligible for Medicaid managed care. The coverage extends support for mental health and substance abuse services for eligible HARP members.