Annual Report 2019

CDPHP Annual report image header

Valued customers, physicians, colleagues, and friends,

As the top-rated health plan in New York and a prominent leader nationally, CDPHP works each day to fulfill our mission of helping our members lead healthy, happy, safe, and secure lives while supporting our physician partners and the communities we serve. In 2019, we took those efforts to new heights, focusing squarely on improving our members’ health and experience of care, as well as seeking new opportunities to serve our provider network and address community needs. Our commitment was demonstrated, in part, by:

►  Introducing a first-of-its-kind Hospital Experience Program, which provides high-quality, high-touch service to hospitalized CDPHP members.
►  Stepping up our efforts to close gaps in care by sharing valuable, real-time data with our physician partners.
►  Reducing the administrative burdens that medical practices encounter.
►  Offering educational programs geared to our provider community, as well as providing free customer service training for medical practice staff.
►  Increasing our members’ access to the health benefits, tools, and resources they need to maintain or improve their health and manage their chronic conditions.
►  Tackling the opioid crisis head-on by funding school-based substance abuse prevention programs through CDPHP The Foundation.

We believe that our unique, not-for-profit, physician-guided, and member-centric approach to delivering health care services is ideally suited to address the health challenges of our time, and we intend to continue our proud legacy of excellence and service in support of our community and stakeholders. We thank you for partnering with us.

John D. Bennett, MD
President and Chief Executive Officer

Genarro A. Daniels, MD
Chairman of the Board