Community Engagement

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Community Outreach and Support

CDPHP is committed to making our members healthy, happy, safe, and secure. In focusing on the health of the population we serve, we’ve taken a broader view, moving beyond the physical condition of our members to consider their socioeconomic status and their level of engagement with the health system, which can have a major impact on health outcomes.

Social Determinants of Health

CDPHP recognizes that conditions in the places where people live, learn, work, and play have a significant impact on their ability to maintain or improve their health and get access to the care they need. Low income, unsafe neighborhoods, unstable housing, substandard education, and limited access to transportation and healthy foods are among the social determinants of health (SDOH) that create striking disparities in health awareness, access, risks, and outcomes.

In 2019, in addition to the services provided by our CDPHP Care Team, we launched numerous initiatives to address SDOH, specifically in the areas of food insecurity and housing. This effort involved partnering with community-based organizations, including: The Food Pantries for the Capital District and Comfort Food Community of Washington County (food insecurity); St. Catherine’s Center for Children (affordable housing); and the Commission on Economic Opportunity and Catholic Charities Care Coordination Services (health literacy and access to care).

Our partnerships with community-based organizations to address SDOH ranged from sponsorships to formal service agreements allowing for bidirectional data sharing. Additionally, we completed the groundwork in 2019 for creating a new community on our Salesforce® platform to house project data for several of these initiatives, with more to be added in 2020. These infrastructure enhancements will further our vision for capturing a 360-degree view of our members, including their SDOH needs and their engagement in various programs.

Community Outreach

Community engagement is essential to building healthier neighborhoods, especially ones where social, cultural, and economic factors create obstacles to health and wellness education, timely and reliable access to health care, and adequate, convenient sources of nutritious food.

With that in mind, CDPHP Healthy Neighborhood series continues to host numerous events throughout the region to help break down those barriers. These neighborhood outreach events, which include health and wellness fairs, summer block parties, and harvest festivals, draw families with entertainment, fun activities, and healthy food, as well as free health screenings, wellness demonstrations, and ask-a-nurse sessions.

Additionally, in 2019 we teamed up with YWCA NorthEastern NY to launch a new initiative: CDPHP Community Connect, a health and wellness resource located inside the YWCA’s Schenectady facility. At Community Connect, local residents and YWCA employees have access to free health screenings and flu shots, one-on-one support for their health care needs, assistance enrolling in free and low-cost health insurance and scheduling doctor and dentist appointments, and much more.

CDPHP Member Advisory Committee/CDPHP InsightsTM

The CDPHP Member Advisory Committee offers health care consumers an opportunity to become involved in helping to shape our plans and make improvements in our service. The committee, which meets quarterly, provides a forum for soliciting feedback from our members to determine what we’re doing right, what ideas they have for improving their care experiences, what matters most to them when it comes to their health plans, and what else CDPHP can do to support their optimal health. Another vehicle we use to gather member feedback is CDPHP InsightsTM, a survey platform that explores members’ health care and insurance experiences, ideas for fitness and nutritional support, health literacy questions, and more.

Farmers’ and Artisans’ Market

At CDPHP, we recognize the importance of access to healthy food in ensuring a healthy community, as well as the benefits of supporting local farmers and craftspeople to maintain a healthy local economy. And so we are proud to host our ongoing community farmers’ market from April through October at our headquarters. The market, which is open to both employees and the general public, features a wide variety of locally grown and produced foods, as well as handcrafted products.