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Telehealth and Digital Solutions

In 2020, CDPHP witnessed significant alterations in our health care landscape as a result of the pandemic. For one, it spurred an astronomic rise in the use of telehealth and telemedicine, a trend that is likely to impact the delivery of care for years to come. In fact, CDPHP saw a 3,000-percent increase in telehealth claims between March and June.

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  • Access to Care. Fortunately, CDPHP was able to meet its members’ changing needs for care with several apps and programs that offered patients access to care without leaving home or experiencing long wait times.

    • Doctor On Demand. The Doctor On Demand app offers CDPHP patients a convenient alternative to an urgent care visit for a host of common medical or mental health issues. Once registered, members can connect via video chat with an experienced, board-certified, U.S.-based physician in minutes, or schedule a visit at a more convenient time.

    • ER Anywhere. Powered by United Concierge Medicine, the ER Anywhere app allows members to connect with an emergency medical provider 24/7 for care whenever they need it, with no waiting room. Emergency medical providers assess members’ condition within minutes, can diagnose, order tests, prescribe medication, and help with appropriate referrals.

    • Mental Health Services. In 2020, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported a significant increase in the number of patients experiencing symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental health disorders. CDPHP met those demands with the aid of an innovative app, Valera Heath, an innovative, team-based care model that expands member access to high-quality mental health and substance use care management services. Care teams can use Valera’s platform to maintain communication, monitor member progress, and support the delivery of timely clinical interventions. Members are able to access their care team and the resources they need for effective self-management of their health conditions, and they can also add their psychiatrist and/or primary care physician to their in-app care team.

  • Support for Healthy Lifestyles. The pandemic also gave rise to unhealthy, stress-induced behaviors as individuals struggled to cope with the coronavirus’ impact on their lives. Fortunately, CDPHP offered several digital solutions and benefit enhancements to help its members maintain or regain a healthy lifestyle.

    • Brook. Access to the Brook smartphone app allows eligible CDPHP members to manage diabetes and hypertension in between health care visits, at no cost. Using the app, members can chat live with registered dietitians and certified diabetes educators seven days a week, and get help from an expert to set health goals and monitor meals, exercise, sleep, medication, and more.

    • Pivot Smoking Cessation Program. Designed to address all forms of tobacco use, the Pivot program is a self-paced, personalized, non-judgmental program that helps people learn new behaviors in order to reduce and ultimately quit smoking, vaping, or other forms of tobacco use. The program offers a range of digital tools and resources that help members set goals, track progress, and build a personalized quit plan with the aid of daily activities and challenges.

    • Foodsmart. CDPHP offers Foodsmart, a digital nutrition platform, to help members make healthy food choices at home and on the go. Members have access to grocery deals on healthy foods at favorite stores; personalized recipes; drag-and-drop meal planners; frozen prepared meal delivery; one-click grocery lists; and online restaurant ordering guidance.

    • CaféWell. CaféWell is an interactive website that helps members take control of their health, with personalized activities designed to help meet health goals, and tips, tricks, and articles to reinforce healthy choices

    • Fitness Reimbursement. Reimbursable fitness options, including digital classes, were expanded in 2020 for CDPHP members, and the reimbursement now includes dependents—not just spouses—with children’s sports leagues set to qualify in 2021. Eligible members can be reimbursed up to $400 per plan year for going to the gym or attending a digital fitness class, and their covered dependents can earn up to a combined $200— a total of $600 per contract.