Annual Report 2023

Wellness Way - Latham, NY

2023 Overview

For nearly 40 years, Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc. (CDPHP®) has provided its members access to high-quality, physician-directed, cost-effective, and equitable health care and services. In 2023, it implemented several key initiatives to advance that mission and ensure that the company would be able to serve its members with passion, innovation, and integrity for the next 40 years and beyond.

  • CDPHP took its partnership with Community Care Physicians (CCP) – and its vision of an integrated delivery system – to the next level with the development of Wellness Way. This innovative, state-of-the-art medical complex will serve as shared headquarters for CDPHP and CCP, offering members and patients alike one-stop shopping for all their health care needs, combining primary care, specialty care, urgent care, pharmacy, laboratory services, and their health plan, all under one roof.   

  • Additionally, CDPHP revamped and expanded its pharmacy services to increase members’ access to lower-cost medications. This involved partnering with a new pharmacy benefit manager (CapitalRx), expanding its ConnectRx retail locations, and offering enhanced mail order services through Optum Home Delivery. These changes allowed CDPHP to offer greater transparency and lower costs to employers, netting a six to eight percent reduction in cost trend. CDPHP also continued its Rx for Less program, which offers sharp discounts on specific generic prescription drugs.

  • By continuing to listen and respond to its members’ needs, CDPHP created a suite of innovative products in 2023 that bent the cost curve, improved health outcomes, and were convenient and easy to use. As a result, its Medicare Advantage annual election period attracted 10,000 new members, catapulting CDPHP to sixth place among the fastest-growing Medicare Advantage plans in the country.

  • After a careful and exhaustive introspective evaluation, CDPHP embarked on a restructuring of its governance model under a holding company. This shift will allow it to preserve its physician-guided model, facilitate strategic partnerships, and increase its capacity to respond nimbly to changes in the health care environment while protecting its reputation as a national leader in quality and service.

These are just a sampling of the innovations and adjustments that will not only allow CDPHP to better serve its members and physician partners but will also protect and preserve the legacy of leadership, excellence, and outstanding service for which it has been known since its founding.