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Annual Report 2014

Rising to the Challenge, Focused on Value

In 2014, national health care reform and market pressures posed some interesting challenges for CDPHP®, but we remained passionately committed to meeting the health care needs of our community through the Triple Aim: improving the health of our members, enhancing their experience of care, and controlling costs. To achieve these goals, we relied on the guidance of our physician partners, the acumen of our leadership team and staff, advances in technology, and the strength of our connections to our members and the community at large.

The health insurance exchange created under the Affordable Care Act was launched in January of 2014, but the impact and administration of the law’s provisions are still evolving, and certain market pressures have arisen in its wake. This shifting health care landscape has required CDPHP to adapt quickly and efficiently to maintain its long-standing reputation for product and service excellence while reducing costs and increasing quality of care for our members. We’ve had to contend with escalating pharmaceutical costs, federal cuts to Medicare Advantage reimbursement, rising fees and taxes, an increase in provider consolidations, and artificial rate suppression through prior approval. However challenging, these factors have also served as a catalyst for CDPHP to take on an even greater role as consumer and health advocate.

With that role has come a renewed focus on delivering value – through consumer-directed initiatives and worksite wellness, disease prevention, care management, and quality assurance programs – with the health of the whole community in mind. Our efforts are grounded in the conviction that, ultimately, we all share responsibility for reducing the cost and improving the quality of health care.

We at CDPHP believe that our unique not-for-profit, physician-guided, and member-centric framework for delivering health care services is ideally suited to address the profound changes and challenges rocking the health care industry. We invite you to be our partner in that endeavor, and we pledge to continue to promote and preserve your health and that of our entire community.