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Annual Report 2016

Valued customers, physicians, colleagues, and friends

The year 2016 was marked by profound local, regional, and national challenges affecting the delivery of health care. Against this backdrop, CDPHP® once again sealed its reputation as a health value leader by facilitating access to high-quality, coordinated, patient-centered health care and by advocating for affordability and cost transparency. As always, our unique relationship with the physicians in our network informed our efforts to improve the health of our community.

We have redoubled our efforts to serve the health needs of our community by conducting outreach in our neighborhoods and workplaces, striving to ensure that everyone has health care coverage, an understanding of their benefits, and access to top-notch health practitioners, wellness education, and fitness opportunities. At the same time, we’ve applied innovative technological advancements to engage our provider network, giving caregivers the data, tools, and programs they need to deliver best-in-class care. And we’ve accomplished all this while sustaining the level of service excellence and philanthropic community support that has been our tradition since our founding.

Our Promise
As we guide our organization in the year ahead, in concert with our leadership team and governing committees, we promise that CDPHP will continue to respond and adapt to the needs of our members, health care practitioners, and employers by launching innovative, cost-effective products and services and forging strategic partnerships to achieve the best possible health outcomes for all. You have our word.

John D. Bennett, MD

President and Chief Executive Officer

Genarro A. Daniels, MD

Chairman of the Board