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Innovation Is at Our Core

pie chartThe ever-shifting health care landscape requires CDPHP to adapt quickly and efficiently to changes and to keep pace with emerging technologies and care models. To continue to be “A Plan for Life” for all our stakeholders, we recognize that innovative strategies and solutions are key to our success and to the health of our community. Below are just some of the initiatives that have helped CDPHP honor that commitment and remain a leader in the health care arena.

Shared Health
Over the last decade, the cost of care has skyrocketed. Family health coverage has jumped 70 percent, far outpacing the rate of inflation. To combat these trends, employers have begun turning to health plans for ideas on how to improve employee health, and subsequently, lower costs.

CDPHP has met this challenge by empowering its employer groups to promote a culture of workforce health and wellness through its Shared Health program. First, CDPHP helps businesses understand the factors that shape their staff’s utilization of health care resources. Then, we identify any group-specific health risks or trends that may be inflating their company’s health care costs. Once those baselines have been explored, CDPHP works with the employer to craft a comprehensive health and wellness program for the workplace, which may include offering incentives for preventive screenings (e.g., annual physicals, mammography, colonoscopy, etc.), educational workshops targeted to the health concerns of the employees, and on-site fitness programs, among other strategies. Periodic evaluations and customized reports are then used to ensure the program’s maximum effectiveness.

The benefits of the CDPHP Shared Health program have been well documented. Over a period of three years, 83 percent of the companies participating in the program have seen positive returns.

Landmark Health
For some seriously ill or frail patients, accessing health care to manage their complex or chronic conditions can be fraught with frequent, costly, and physically and emotionally taxing trips to the emergency room or hospital. Their family members often feel at a loss, not knowing how best to manage the complex care required by their loved one. CDPHP has partnered with Landmark Health to help these patients and their families cope. The interdisciplinary practitioners at Landmark Health work with the patients’ own physicians to determine the best course of treatment, offering concierge-level, compassionate, and skilled care 24/7 to eligible members – with a response time of less than one hour – in the comfort of their home and at no additional cost.

landmark statsIntegrated Technology Solutions
CDPHP recognizes that technology plays an integral role in the delivery of health care, as well as in medical practice transformation. In 2016, CDPHP continued its efforts to facilitate data exchange, enhance service levels and access, and increase transparency and efficiency through high-tech solutions.

  • We implemented various upgrades to our technology platform to improve our cybersecurity measures and safeguard sensitive health information, enhance quoting and enrollment automation for our brokers and employers, digitize contracting with our provider and hospital network, and augment our disaster recovery capabilities.

  • A long-time advocate for the use of electronic medical records to ensure coordination of care among practitioners, CDPHP continues to support the work of Hixny, the Healthcare Information Xchange of New York. Hixny enables physicians, specialists, hospitals, health plans, and other partners to gain secure access to comprehensive patient medical information, such as lab results, image reports, and medication histories, so they can better manage their patients’ care.

  • Many individuals often find it difficult to access health care information and resources where and when it’s necessary or convenient. To address this issue, CDPHP created two iPhone- and Android-compatible mobile apps that members can download for free. My CDPHP Mobile allows CDPHP members to access important information on the go, such as details about their benefits or the location of the nearest doctor or health care facility. And in 2016, CDPHP launched a similar tool – CDPHP Medicaid Connect – available exclusively for Medicaid members.

As further evidence of our commitment to health information technology (HIT), Dr. Bennett, our president and CEO, was awarded the PATH (Promoting the Advancement of Technology in Healthcare) Award from the New York e-Health Collaborative (NYeC). Now in its sixth year, the award recognizes individuals who advocate and promote innovation in the field of HIT.