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Innovation has been a key factor in our ability to adapt and respond nimbly and effectively to the still-evolving reforms affecting health care delivery in our region and across the nation. At the heart of the changes we’ve instituted is our commitment to improve the health of our members, as well as their experience of care, and to deliver health care services in the most cost-effective and outcome-driven way. Below are just some of the initiatives that have helped CDPHP honor that commitment.

Enhanced Primary Care
The CDPHP Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program, established in 2008, is a unique, team-based, patient-centric approach to delivering health care. The program has yielded remarkable results for patients and practitioners alike. It places emphasis on preventive care and health value over patient volume, rewarding primary care practitioners for keeping their patients healthy, meeting certain quality benchmarks, and collaborating with nurses, pharmacists, social workers, case managers, behavioral health experts, and other practitioners to deliver highly coordinated care. This collaborative approach has been especially effective in the treatment of patients with multiple or complex chronic conditions.

sidebar enhanced primary careIn 2015, 193 physician practices, 836 network clinicians, and nearly 250,000 CDPHP members participated in the EPC program. In addition to the $20.7 million cost savings associated with the program, a number of innovative changes were made at participating practices to enhance patients’ experience of care. These include email communication with patients, establishment of online patient portals, use of electronic medical records, and the revamping of office hours to better accommodate patients’ schedules. Compliance with preventive care guidelines was also improved in EPC practices, as shown in the graph.

In the years to come, CDPHP plans to continue to expand and improve the EPC program to maximize its benefits for all those involved. Eventually, we expect to extend the program to specialty medical and surgical practices, as well as additional primary care sites.landmark

Landmark Health
In 2015, CDPHP partnered with Landmark Health to improve the care provided to its seriously ill and frail members, many of whom have multiple, exceedingly complex and often chronic conditions. Landmark delivers comprehensive, high-touch medical care to eligible patients at their place of residence – any time day or night, 365 days a year – at no additional cost. Their staff coordinates care with the patients’ own physicians and is supported in their efforts by a team of interdisciplinary health care practitioners, ready to mobilize when needed.

The aim is to preserve the dignity and independence of patients with complex health issues – many of whom are elderly – delivering quality, on-demand care without displacing them from their home or place of residence.

Pharmacy Residency
When our members require prescription drugs to treat their condition, medication management becomes an important component of their care. Recently, CDPHP took steps to improve the coordination of medical and pharmaceutical services by establishing a pharmacy residency in collaboration with the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences. Erich Weiss, PharmD, of Rochester, NY, graduated from the managed care pharmacy program in 2015 – one of only a few pharmacists in the country to complete such a program.

The program takes into consideration the wide spectrum of clinical, social, and economic factors that influence effective drug therapy. In addition to conducting research, the pharmacy resident participates on our Pharmacy and Therapeutic Committee and rotates through several core competencies. Areas of concentration include primary care clinical pharmacy, drug policy and formulary development, health quality measures, practitioner engagement, and medical practice/pharmacy management.

Integrated Technology
CDPHP is adept at harnessing technology to facilitate communication, increase efficiencies, and enhance the health of our community. Over the years, we’ve developed and updated several online tools and platforms to accomplish those aims, including:

  • Mobile phone applications like My CDPHP Mobile and our updated CDPHP InMotionSM fitness tracking program
  • Online educational resources, such as our online newsletter, Health e-Updates, and our informative blog, The Daily Dose
  • A revamped iConnectTM tool, implemented as a cloud solution, that allows our broker partners to compare coverage plans, generate quote proposals, and enroll or renew small groups, all through a secure online portal
  • Improved and automated technology processes that enhance cyber security, improve performance and infrastructure monitoring, and facilitate member engagement

Additionally, CDPHP continues to advance health care data exchange in our region through its support of Hixny—Healthcare Information Xchange of New York—a local not-for-profit consortium that helps coordinate care and improve patient safety by ensuring secure online access to electronic medical records.