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Members Are Our Focus

CDPHP understands that, to be effective, quality health care requires the community to have the resources and opportunity to access that care. However, there can be many barriers to care, including poverty, limited health literacy, language and cultural differences, lack of transportation, mental health or substance abuse issues, and depression. With that in mind, we have expanded our outreach efforts and presence within the region to ensure that our health and wellness services are convenient to those who need them.

  • We operate three CDPHP Customer ConnectSM sites in various locations throughout the Capital Region where individuals can meet with a member relations specialist for help with enrollment, insurance claims, medical appointments, and more.

  • CDPHP has developed a network of strategic partnerships with faith-based groups, homeless shelters, and other social services organizations to launch CDPHP Community ConnectSM, an outreach program where members and non-members can access health, wellness, food, and housing resources right in their neighborhood. As a result, engagement rates among this population have increased by 55 percent, and costly emergency room visits have decreased by 38 percent.

  • In an effort to bridge certain gaps in care among Medicaid members who have not used health services for a year or more, the inital phone call saved my lifeCDPHP launched the Community Health Project in partnership with the Commission on Economic Opportunity (CEO) in Rensselaer County and Catholic Charities Care Coordination services in Albany, Schenectady, and Saratoga counties. This free program, staffed by trained community health workers, offers members information and support so they can pursue appropriate preventive health care (e.g., breast and cervical cancer screening and diabetes management), better understand their health care benefits, and establish personal wellness goals. For our efforts, CDPHP received a “Spirit of Community Action” award from CEO, recognizing our company as a business that “truly embodies the essence of community action, whose passionate support and dedication to CEO and the community as a whole is unparalleled.”

  • Recognizing that schools can be an effective setting for addressing the social determinants of health, we have embedded a CDPHP nurse case manager and social worker in a school in Troy, located in an economically disadvantaged neighborhood, in an effort to increase engagement in preventive health services and wellness among children and their families.

  • We host bi-annual Healthy Neighborhood events in typically underserved urban communities where individuals and families can go for health and dental screenings, information on community resources and insurance, valued giveaways, nutritious food demonstrations, and family-friendly fitness activities.

  • Understanding that regular exercise is an important component of overall health, we have established five CDPHP Fitness ConnectSM sites throughout the Capital Region where members and non-members alike can go for cardiovascular workouts and strength training, free of charge.

  • CDPHP teamed up with Capital District Transportation Authority (CDTA) to launch CDPHP Cycle!, the region’s first bike-share program, offering residents of Albany, Schenectady, Troy, and Saratoga a new, healthy, and affordable mode of transportation and fitness.

One of the characteristics that distinguishes CDPHP from other health plans is the lengths to which we go to understand the health needs of the individuals, families, and businesses we serve. To that end, we’ve created several member-centric programs to guide and inform our health promotion activities. The aim is to meet members where they are in the health continuum, facilitate their active participation in their health care plan, and ensure that we are responding to consumers’ health care needs.

  • In an effort to better understand our members’ health care experiences and preferences, we launched an online survey community called CDPHP Insights. The community is open to members and non-members who may wish to weigh in on a variety of health care topics, such as health care costs, benefits and incentives, fitness and nutrition, communication preferences, health insurance terms, and more.

  • Cost transparency is an important component of consumer-directed health care, which is why our company developed CDPHP Price CheckTM, a cost estimator service that gives members more planning power when it comes to health care expenses.

  • CDPHP offers an array of innovative and flexible products and services to meet the needs of their consumers and businesses of all sizes. Among our latest offerings are:

    • Embrace Health, a plan that allows employees to choose from a fitness, medical, or nutrition path to cover related expenses

    • A Copay First Plan, which gives members the affordability of a high deductible health plan with the upfront savings offered by a traditional copay plan

    • A $0 Copay Enhanced Primary Care Plan, which allows members to save on copayments if they choose an Enhanced Primary Care physician as their primary care doctor

    • Healthy Direction Manager, a program that gives employees an opportunity to earn incentives by taking steps to improve their health

  • CDPHP doesn’t just pay for our members’ health care expenses. We take an active role in managing their care to optimize health care outcomes and prevent disease, taking into consideration social, environmental, economic, and physical factors that impact those outcomes.

    • Our medical directors periodically make rounds at area hospitals to monitor the care our members receive.

    • We have embedded nurse case managers and social workers at select primary care sites and community venues where they can help educate patients about medications, nutrition, and symptom relief, assist with referrals to specialists, and connect members with community resources.

  • CDPHP offers employers an opportunity to implement workplace health promotion programs, like Shared Health, to keep workers healthy and productive, and lower overall health care costs. A dedicated health promotion specialist, certified in wellness program coordination, guides companies through the CDPHP custom Workplace Health Model to design a data-driven program that’s right for their employees.

  • For Medicare Advantage patients with the most complex array of chronic conditions, CDPHP offers access to Landmark, a free, in-home, 24/7 care program that ensures that members have the care, resources, and information they and their caretakers need to make the right decisions and improve their quality of life.