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Members Are Our Focus

guide the consumerIn 2016, we made a promise that we would continue fighting for affordability, advocating for greater price transparency, and working alongside doctors and employers to ensure that our members – and our community – receive best-in-class care at the best price. We also vowed to increase engagement with consumers to ensure that we truly understand and respond to their health care needs and preferences and facilitate their active participation in their health care. Several member-centric programs were created to accomplish those aims.

Member Outreach and Incentives
In 2016, CDPHP expanded its presence in the community and access to health care services through a number of initiatives:

  • In spring 2016, we opened our third retail location, Customer ConnectSM at the Ciccotti Center, cementing our long-standing partnership with the center in support of our community’s health and wellness needs. There, visitors can meet face-to-face with a CDPHP representative to get answers to their questions about health benefits, initiate health care coverage, find a physician, order ID cards, or navigate NY State of HealthSM coverage options. CDPHP also collaborates with the Ciccotti Center to offer free educational seminars, wellness classes, and the popular Next Steps program, a fitness regimen for individuals with certain medical conditions. Two additional retail customer centers are located at the Healthy Living Center in Albany and CDPHP Customer Connect at the Capital Region Health Park in Latham.

  • insights logoIn an attempt to better understand consumers’ health care experiences and preferences, CDPHP also launched an online survey community called CDPHP Insights. Through this program, we solicit confidential feedback from members and non-members on a host of topics ranging from nutrition and fitness habits to benefit preferences and the like.

  • CDPHP continued its outreach and educational efforts in the broader community by sponsoring four Healthy Neighborhood events at urban schools and community centers in Albany and Troy. The events, open to members and non-members alike, featured information on free or low-cost community health and fitness resources, child-centered activities, preventive health and dental screenings, information on health insurance options, and nutritious food demonstrations and samples.

  • 82 percentCDPHP works hard to ensure that lower-income, underserved populations can gain access to quality health care and understand the benefits to which they are entitled. Our facilitated enrollment program ensures that knowledgeable CDPHP employees are available at area social service agencies and community centers to answer questions and share valuable information on health care resources. Their presence helps make certain that Medicaid members receive the right care at the right time and in the right setting.

  • CDPHP is renowned as a health and wellness plan committed to offering services and programs that help our members improve their health. As part of that commitment, we provide our members with an incentive for making healthy choices. The program, CDPHP Life Points®, gives participants a chance to earn gift cards from a wide range of merchants in exchange for certain health-related activities, such as joining a gym, getting recommended immunizations and health screenings, attending a wellness class, engaging in various fitness activities, and using services like CafeWell®, and NutriSavingsTM.

Community-Based Health and Wellness Resources
CDPHP believes that the preservation of health and the prevention of disease – at all ages and stages of life – should be the paramount goal of any health plan. For that reason, we actively promote an array of health and wellness activities and programs that can help indiwellness statsviduals meet their wellness goals.

  • CDPHP Fitness Connect is a collection of five fitness centers located throughout the Capital Region. Each offers residents 18 and older free access to gyms outfitted with a range of cardiovascular machines and strength-training equipment, as well as other fitness aids.

  • The Healthy Living Center, located at the Hannaford Plaza in Albany, is jointly sponsored by CDPHP, Hannaford Supermarkets, and the Capital District YMCA. The center offers no- and low-cost educational and fitness programming. Certified instructors, registered dietitians, and pharmacists provide information on nutrition, medication safety, senior health, disease management, and health insurance benefits and eligibility, in addition to offering various fitness classes.

  • CDPHP also offers a wide range of fitness and wellness classes throughout the region at no cost.

Care Coordination and Disease Management
CDPHP prides itself on placing our members’ needs at the center of our health care services, and we are continuously seeking improvements in their health care outcomes. That is why we go to great lengths to help our members prevent and manage chronic diseases such as heart disease, hypertension, cancer, asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and diabetes. Indeed, in 2016, CDPHP was recognized by one governmental client as “best in class” for its diabetic prevention and management efforts. For the year, our overall case management engagement rate was 82 percent across all lines of business. Additionally, we now offer case management home visits.

CDPHP also maintains a Single-Source Referral Line (1-888-94-CDPHP) that members can call for wellness support or advice about dealing with a serious health issue. Our members have access to skilled health professionals, such as nurses, dietitians, and respiratory therapists, 24 hours a day, seven days a week so they can learn self-care skills that will complement their physicians’ care.

member testimonialCDPHP case managers are also embedded at select primary care sites and community venues throughout the area to offer assistance with such tasks as:

  • Educating patients about medications, nutrition, and symptom management

  • Connecting members with specialists or other health practitioners

  • Sharing information about community support groups, caregiver resources, and government programs

  • Securing help with obtaining prescribed medications or transportation for medical appointments

Expanded Behavioral Health Coverage
For its Medicaid members, CDPHP now offers a Health and Recovery Plan (HARP) for those who meet state guidelines for eligibility. The plan helps members tend to their mental and physical health by offering crisis services, assertive community treatment, personalized recovery-oriented services, and resources for treating substance use disorder. Through the HARP program, members can also receive additional assistance with securing a job, housing, education, and family support and training.

In addition, CDPHP embedded a behavioral health case manager at a local, high-volume hospital emergency room. This allows members with mental health and substance use issues to receive more individualized, targeted care and eases the strain on emergency room staff who are dealing with these often complex cases.