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'Physicians' Is Our Middle Name

Enhanced Primary Care and Total Cost of Care
CDPHP was founded by physicians, and our relationship with the provider community continues to inform our day to day decisions as we work to promote wellness and improve the coordination and delivery of health services. Our partnership with physicians is nowhere more evident than in our Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program, which now encompasses 178 primary care practices, 775 EPC clinicians, and more than 200,000 CDPHP members. The program has resulted in better access to care and improved health outcomes for our members, as well as a lower total cost of care, as demonstrated by a 2.8 percent overall cost reduction ($5.42 reduction per member per month) in 2016. Since the program’s inception in 2012, CDPHP has realized $28.1 million in total savings, largely derived from utilization management of outpatient services and prescription drugs.

epc chartAs seen in the bar chart, EPC practices have demonstrated significant improvement over their non-EPC counterparts in certain care quality measures, such as cancer screenings, immunizations, and well visits. The program has also allowed our network physicians to structure their medical practice in creative ways to accommodate their patients’ needs.

To further facilitate the delivery of evidence-based, coordinated medical care, CDPHP has partnered with CapitalCare Medical Group to form Acuitas Health, a population health services organization that offers physicians the care management resources and data analytics that they need to provide the highest quality care to their patients. We have also acquired Strategic Solutions, a full-service medical billing and consulting company that helps independent medical practices efficiently manage billing, collections, staffing needs, and more.

CDPHP is implementing a total-cost-of-care (TCOC) approach as the next stage for clinicians to move to value-based care. The risk-adjusted TCOC approach essentially assesses two parameters. Cost or efficiency of care is evaluated according to the utilization of health care resources in six categories: inpatient hospital, emergency room, medical imaging, pharmacy, laboratory, and specialists. Quality is assessed using metrics in the following categories: population health and prevention, management of chronic conditions, use of antibiotics in adults and children, and behavioral health, as well as patients’ experience of care.

CDPHP Physicians’ AcademyTM
Every year, we pay tribute to the extraordinary talents of our network physicians by inducting a select few into the CDPHP Physicians’ Academy. In 2017, Dr. Mary Ellen Drislane, Dr. Lee Shapiro, Dr. David Tucker Slingerland, and Dr. Paul Sorum were nominated by their peers and chosen for this honor by an esteemed panel of judges in recognition of their superb mentoring, dedication to best practices, and commitment to improving the health of our community.