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Senior Management

Introducing Senior Management

It’s all in the details, and no one knows that better than our tireless senior management team, who work diligently to make sure our business runs smoothly so your health care experiences run smoothly too.

John D. Bennett

John D. Bennett, MD, FACC, FACP

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Barbara A. Downs

Barbara A. Downs, RN, MBA

Senior Vice President, Corporate Administration, Chief Operating Officer

Frederick B. Galt

Frederick B. Galt

Senior Vice President, Legal Affairs; General Counsel

Robert Hinckley

Robert R. Hinckley

SVP, Strategy and Communications and Chief Strategy Officer

Brian J. Morrissey

Brian J. Morrissey

Senior Vice President, Marketing; Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)

Brian O'Grady

Brian O'Grady

Executive Vice President, Commercial Business, and Chief Marketing Officer

Bethany Smith, CPA

Bethany R. Smith, CPA

Senior Vice President of Finance and Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Neil Brandmaier

Neil Brandmaier

Senior Vice President, Information Technology and Chief Information Officer