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Visitor Drug Search

For prospective members looking to join CDPHP without secure access to Caremark, you can review formulary details by using the database that matches the coverage being researched:

Formulary 1

Formulary 2

More on Our Visitor’s Formularies

  • Visitor’s formularies represent common plan types but are meant for illustration purposes only. Actual costs will depend on specific benefits.

  • Be aware that price variations can also occur based on where prescriptions are filled.

  • If searching for a drug that is part of the CDPHP Rx for Less program, that discount price will display. (Read more about this program, which is only offered at certain pharmacy locations.)

  • For the most specific results, members should always log into their own accounts to see coverage details.

  • Visitor’s formularies are set up to represent the benefits for a female member. If researching a drug specifically for males, please contact Caremark for help.

Formulary Updates

CDPHP formularies are subject to change during the year. Check on the most recent formulary updates that might affect your coverage.