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Manage Your Accounts

The Benefits of Registering for the Secure Broker Site

The secure broker site offers you convenient, around-the-clock access to your clients' accounts, with the ability to:

  • Enroll, terminate, and update members
  • Obtain health funding reports
  • Access an abundance of information and forms, like health care comparative information, newsletters, and pharmacy information
  • Complete “self-serve” billing services through E-Bill, like viewing invoices and making payments
  • And more!

Not a registered user yet?
It is simple to request secure account access. Simply click on “Register” in the login area at the right of the screen. This will take you to a registration page where you can choose a user ID and password

  • You will be prompted to enter some basic identifying details such as your name, email address, and relationship to CDPHP.
  • Be sure to read and agree to our confidentiality agreement.
  • Assuming everything checks out, you will be notified by email that your online privileges have been granted.

Help us maintain a secure environment
The privacy and security of member, employer, and broker information is of the utmost importance to CDPHP. To safeguard the secure data in our system, please obtain a unique user ID and password for each authorized user.

  • Never share user names and passwords, or pass these on to a third party.
  • Users are required to select a new password every 90 days.

Inactive accounts will be deactivated
Broker accounts that remain inactive for longer than 120 days will be deactivated automatically. Affected users will be prompted via email to re-register to regain access. We are taking these steps to assure that only qualified, active users have access to secure member, employer, and broker information.

Meet the Broker Support Team

Brian O'Grady: Executive Vice President, Commercial Business, and Chief Marketing Officer

Brian O'Grady is responsible for large and small group sales, exchange sales development, and broker relations.

Brian O'Grady
Meet the whole team