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Siena College Student Health Insurance

2015-2016 Siena College Student Health Insurance

As a college student, you know the importance of having access to the health care you need – when and where you need it. Your ideal health plan? One that offers reliable, affordable health coverage you can trust. CDPHP knows. That’s why we have been the carrier of choice for local colleges. And we’re pleased to have you on board!

CDPHP is dedicated to providing comprehensive, easy-to-use health coverage to Siena College students. Siena College requires all full-time students to maintain health insurance coverage for inpatient care, outpatient services, prescription medicine, mental health, as well as catastrophic illness and injury. Students may satisfy these insurance requirements through private or employer sponsored plans that meet certain minimum criteria.

For additional information, please view the Using Your CDPHP Student Plan tab.

Enroll or Waive Coverage

Some students may be currently covered under an insurance plan that doesn't permit dual coverage (Healthy New York plans, Medicaid, etc.) If you are covered under such a plan and do not complete the waiver by the deadline, your current plan may terminate your coverage because you will be automatically enrolled after the deadline in the Siena College Student Health Plan with CDPHP. To prevent losing coverage/eligibility with your current insurer, please make sure to complete the waiver prior to the deadline.

Enroll or Waive Coverage

Deadline to enroll or waive for the spring semester is January 30, 2016.

Please email questions to Jeanne Martin Obermayer, Student Affairs Compliance Officer at Siena College at obermayer@siena.edu

For Dependents and Part-time Students

Select students are eligible to enroll on a voluntary basis. Enrollment must be submitted by September 20, 2015.

Enrollment and billing is handled directly through CDPHP. Eligibility will be confirmed by Siena College and verified on a monthly basis.

Part-time students (matriculated for at least 3 credits) may enroll on a voluntary basis.

Dependents of eligible students may enroll on a voluntary basis.

Am I eligible?

An eligible student must actively attend classes for at least the first 31 days of the period for which he or she is enrolled. Any student withdrawing from school during the first 31 days (except in the case of sickness or injury) will not be covered under the policy and will receive a full refund of the premium, less any claims made. Students who withdraw after 31 days will remain covered, and no refund will be made.

Home study, correspondence, internet, and television courses do not fulfill the eligibility requirements that the student actively attend classes.

Eligibility requirements must be met each time premium is paid in order to continue coverage.

Coverage becomes effective on August 15, 2015.

Using Your CDPHP Student Health Insurance Plan

We’ve made it easy to use your CDPHP student health plan. To help you out, we’ve compiled some of the most commonly asked questions by students:

When is the plan effective?
Coverage is effective on August 15, 2015 through August 14, 2016 for the 2015-2016 school year. For Fall Semester only students, coverage is effective August 15, 2015 through February 14, 2016. Coverage for Spring Semester only students is effective January 1 - August 14, 2016.

What does the plan cost?
The full year plan will cost $1,275.84, fall only will cost $637.92 and spring only will cost $744.24.

Where can I get more details on my health plan?
For additional details on your health plan, view your benefit summary or contact CDPHP member services at (518) 641-3700 or 1-877-777-2273, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m..

I don’t have my CDPHP ID card yet. Can I still get care?
Yes! Your CDPHP ID card will be mailed to your home address and should arrive within two weeks of your activation. If you have not yet received your CDPHP ID card, you can retrieve your temporary ID card here. Your ID number will be your Siena College ID number. You may access your ID card at any time using the My CDPHP Mobile app. Note: When entering your member ID number, it is necessary to add 00 (double zero) at the end. 

How do I search for participating providers near Siena College and nationally?
CDPHP has more than 725,000 providers in our national network, so you’re covered nationwide, even when you’re not in the area. To find a full listing of providers and practices in the area you’re in, visit Find-A-Doc online, or download our My CDPHP Mobile app. Under "Select Plan Type," choose National EPO/PPO/HDEPO/HDPPO to find the providers and practices in our network.

What services are available to me away from school and while traveling abroad?
You have the protection of Assist America’s global emergency medical services whenever you are 100 miles (150 kilometers) or more away from home or campus, or in another country. A single phone call is all it takes to put Assist America in motion on your behalf, offering services that include: medical consultation, evaluation, and referral, hospital admission assistance, prescription assistance, legal and interpreter referrals, emergency trauma counseling, critical care monitoring, and more. For more information, visit the Assist America website.

I take medications regularly. What assistance is available? Is there a way I can access these medications without leaving campus each time?  

There are several options for purchasing, receiving, and saving money on your medications:

  • Arrangements can be made for delivery of medications to the Health Center by contacting the Health Center at (518) 783-2554.

  • You can also sign up for the prescription mail services from CDPHP to have your prescriptions delivered directly to you. Get the prescription mail order form here.

  • Save money on your prescriptions, too! Rx for Less is a program for all CDPHP members with a prescription drug rider, offering deep discounts on a specific list of drugs when purchased at Price Chopper, CVS, or Wal-Mart. Many generic prescription drugs are available for as little as $1, beating the price of many other drug club programs by 90 percent. There’s no sign-up process or registration fee. Simply present your CDPHP ID card when purchasing your prescription. It’s that simple. Get the detailed list of drugs included in Rx for Less here.

I recently paid out-of-pocket for a service that was covered. How do I submit a claim?
Simply download and complete a claim form. You can mail the completed documentation to the address provided on the form.

What about dental coverage?
If you are under the age of 19, CDPHP is teaming up with Delta Dental of New York, Inc. (Delta Dental) to provide you with essential pediatric dental coverage. Delta Dental PPO Plan 70 for Children is a Delta Dental PPO plan that provides benefits through a wide network of dentists across the nation. Delta Dental PPO pays a percentage of the contract allowance for covered services; you are responsible for the remaining percentage – commonly called “coinsurance.” The contract allowance is based on the contracted PPO fee in your area. For Delta Dental coverage details, view this document.

To find a Delta Dental provider near you, search the Delta Dental dentist directory.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my enrollment?
Please email questions to Jeanne Martin Obermayer, Student Affairs Compliance Officer at Siena College at obermayer@siena.edu.

Who can I contact if I have questions about my health insurance benefits?
Please contact CDPHP member services at (518) 641-3700 or 1-877-777-2273, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Discover the CDPHP Difference

CDPHP is more than an insurance plan; it’s a health plan. That’s why we offer our student members access to a variety of value-added extras.

Life Points®
Tuition. Meal plans. Books. College expenses can seem never-ending. So wouldn’t it be nice to get rewarded once in a while? With Life Points, you can earn points worth up to $365 in gift cards each year for simple healthy activities, like getting a flu shot or annual exam.

Track your fitness activities and achieve your health and wellness goals with this powerful web tool and mobile app.

Get social! CafeWell is a social networking site that provides a safe, secure environment for participating in discussions, joining groups, and getting expert health and wellness information.

20% CVS Discount
Get extra savings on commonly used, CVS-brand health products, like ibuprofen, decongestants, contact lens supplies, and more when you use your ExtraCare® Health card that will be mailed to you.

24-hour crisis hotline
College can be stressful. If you have behavioral health concerns, call our 24-hour crisis hotline at 1-888-320-9584, to speak with a live, licensed mental health professional who can connect you to the right resources.

Rx for Less
With Rx for Less, you can get deep discounts on specified generic drugs when purchased at any CVS, Walmart, or Price Chopper.