How to Substantiate a FSA Transaction

Substantiation Requests
Federal regulations require CDPHP to obtain itemized receipts for transactions that are not automatically substantiated at the point-of-sale. In the event a charge does not meet the necessary criteria, CDPHP will send a request for all supporting documentation. This is a substantiation request. If you receive a substantiation letter, gather your complete documentation and all supporting receipts.

You can submit your FSA substantiation documentation two ways:


  • Mail your completed substantiation letter with receipts to CDPHN, P.O. Box 6130, Albany, NY 12206-1057

If you are unable to substantiate debit card expenses, the debit card will be frozen. The debit card will be reactivated as soon as the necessary documentation has been received to substantiate the expense. It is important that you always keep receipts of any medical items or services such as vision and dental to be reimbursed by your FSA.