Depending on your employer’s HRA plan design, you may be provided a debit card that you will use for certain eligible expenses not paid through the CDPHP medical claims integration system. For example, your HRA may reimburse dental or optical hardware expenses, and you may receive a debit card to be used for these services.

When using your debit card for allowed items other than medical care billed directly to CDPHP, always save your receipts and EOBs to document your expenditures. Make sure to charge as “credit” rather than “debit.”

If your spouse or dependents are on your insurance plan, they may use your HRA debit card. Dependents over age 18 can get their own HRA debit card by requesting one through the secure member site.

To replace a lost or stolen debit card, log into our secure member site or call the CDPHP Health Funding Department at 1 (518) 641-3770 or 1 (877) 793-3960. They will deactivate the old card and issue you a new one.