Track Claims and Balances Online

Track Your HRA Securely

If you have an HRA, you can log in to the secure site to keep tabs on your HRA balance and the status of any of your claims. Your secure site is a helpful place for you to find forms and information you need, and it allows you to download details about your medical spending.

Register for an online account. Then, create a user ID and password. You also need to provide other information, including your member ID number.

The CDPHP secure member site provides an array of features that allow you to do tasks such as:

  • Check your current available account balance
  • Review your total annual contributions
  • Review your claim history
  • Submit online claims
  • Request additional debit cards
  • Set up direct deposit

If you cannot resolve one of your questions after a review of your online resources, call the CDPHP health funding department at (518) 641-3770 or 1 (877)-793-3960 Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.