Save Money on Preventive Drugs

Medications Necessary for Your Good Health

While high deductibles can give members more control over health care dollars than other health plan options, they also can make some members hesitant to keep purchasing the preventive medications necessary for keeping them in good health. Preventive medications can help maintain safe blood pressure and cholesterol levels, and are commonly used by individuals with conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, and respiratory problems.

To keep members from neglecting to take their preventive medications, the CDPHP Preventive Drug List was created. The medications on this list are no longer subject to the deductible with most high deductible plans.

The Preventive Drug List
This list, created with guidance by the Clinical Pharmacy Department, is made up of medications that may prevent the onset of a disease or condition that has not yet manifested itself or has not become clinically apparent. These medications may also prevent the recurrence of a disease or condition from which a person has recovered.

Federal regulations employ safe harbor coverage for qualifying preventive medications, which allow them to be exempt from the deductible with most high deductible plans. Federal regulations prevent the inclusion of any drug or medication used to treat existing illnesses, injuries, or conditions.

View the CDPHP Preventive Drug List. This list is not a guarantee of coverage.