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SMART Medication Adherence

Be SMART About Taking Your Medications

Taking your medications correctly and as directed by your doctor is an important step for staying healthy. Not doing so can cause your disease or condition to worsen over time, even without you knowing. Stay healthy by learning the SMART way to take your medications.

Schedule: Know the best time to take your medications. Set a time that fits into your day and will be easiest to remember.

Make a list: Write down or have your pharmacist provide you with a list of your medications. Make sure you know what the medications are for and take them to your doctor appointments.

Ask questions: Your doctor and your pharmacist are at your service. Understand why you are taking your medications and what side effects you should be aware of.

Remember: Not taking your medications can make your condition or symptoms worse. If you need help remembering, ask your pharmacist for suggestions.

Take control: You are in charge! Set yourself up for success. Your health and your loved ones are depending on it.