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CDPHP® Shared Health

More Than a Minimum Premium Program

CDPHP Shared Health is more than a minimum premium program. It allows you to manage your upfront health care dollars by funding a portion of the claims paid.

It’s fully insured, and it’s available with any EPO, PPO, or high deductible plan.

There’s No Additional Risk. A guaranteed maximum liability means you will never pay more than the standard fully insured premium—but you could pay less.

You Can Reduce Monthly Premiums. You only fund a portion of the claims paid.

A Second Year Rate Cap Helps You Plan Ahead. A second year guarantee means your total maximum liability (fixed and variable) will not increase more than 9.9% from the first year total maximum liability.

An Unprecedented Level of Transparency. Health care utilization reporting provides the transparency you need to act quickly and appropriately.

Backed By Your CDPHP Shared Health Team. You are guided by a team of health professionals dedicated to evaluating your unique worksite needs.

Life Points incentives boost participation

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