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Women's Health Mandate

Expansion of Covered Women’s Preventive Health Services

As part of the Affordable Care Act, the list of women’s preventive health services offered at no cost-share was expanded. 

CDPHP provides additional preventive services, including FDA-approved contraceptive methods (female only), breast pumps and breastfeeding equipment, and domestic violence screenings and counseling at no cost-share to our members. 

In addition, CDPHP covers the following services:

  • well-woman visits
  • screening for gestational diabetes
  • human papillomavirus (HPV) testing for women (30 years+)
  • sexually transmitted infection counseling
  • HIV screening and counseling
  • contraceptive counseling
  • breastfeeding support and counseling

The mandate does not affect members covered by Medicaid, Child Health Plus, and Medicare. Groups that are grandfathered without preventive care are not adopting this mandate.