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Other Plan Types

Other Cost-Saving Options for Specific Individuals

Catastrophic Coverage
Catastrophic coverage is a high-deductible plan that is available to young adults (under age 30) and individuals with a certification of exemption based on hardship or inability to afford or obtain coverage. This type of plan will cover essential health benefits after you reach the annual out-of-pocket costs. In addition, the plan will cover at least three primary care visits per year before you reach the deductible.

The catastrophic coverage plan is available through the NY State of Health marketplace.

American Indian and Alaska Native Provisions
There are specific provisions related to American Indians and Alaska Natives in the ACA. Through the NY State of Health marketplace, members of federally recognized tribes may be eligible for special enrollment periods, a designated plan at the “silver” level, and other benefits, including cost-share reductions.

Child Only Plans
Child Only Plans are available for children younger than age 21. Coverage will terminate at the end of the year in which the child turns 21. Child Health Plus plans are still available through the Marketplace for children younger than age 19.

Visit the NY State of Health to determine your eligibility.