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Metal Levels

Compare Plans and Find the One That’s Right for You

At CDPHP, we pride ourselves on putting our members’ health and well-being at the forefront of all we do and are committed to continuing to provide you with the coverage you and your family need to stay healthy.

To help you compare plans with similar levels of coverage and make informed decisions, CDPHP individual health plans have been classified according to metal levels—platinum, gold, silver, and bronze

Health plans on the Marketplace are offered in a tiered format. Plan tiers are based on metal levels that match the percentage of costs covered.

Metal Tiers 

For example, if you decide to purchase a bronze level plan, you would be responsible for about 40 percent of the average cost-share for benefits covered under your plan. This means a lower monthly premium with more out-of-pocket expenses for copayments, coinsurance, and deductibles than for a plan at a higher metal level. A higher metal tier level indicates fewer out-of-pocket expenses but a higher monthly premium.

Money-Saving Options
Young adults under 30 and those unable to afford or obtain coverage can take advantage of a catastrophic coverage plan. In addition, certain individuals may be eligible for individual subsidies that reduce premium or limit maximum out-of-pocket costs.