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Medication Therapy Management Program

Learn More about our Medication Therapy Management Program

For a detailed description of the CDPHP Medication Therapy Management Program, please click on the link below:

2017 Medication Therapy Management Program Description

As a 2017 CDPHP® Medicare Choices plan member with prescription drug coverage, you are eligible to receive, at no additional cost to you, medication therapy management (MTM) services from CDPHP. This program will give you the opportunity to speak with a clinical pharmacist in your area about your medications.

Through the MTM program, you can receive a free one-on-one consultation with a CDPHP MTM pharmacist. As part of this consultation, the pharmacist will:

  • Help you understand your medications and answer any questions about your medicine
  • Make sure your drugs are safe to use together
  • Determine if you are having any side effects from your medications
  • Discuss the correct way to take your medications to avoid side effects
  • Determine if there are less expensive medication alternatives

After the consultation, a personal medication list and action plan will be provided to you. We recommend you share this with all your health care providers. In the event that you are not able or not interested in a consultation, we are providing a blank personal medication list here that you can fill in on your own.

Personal Medication List

If you have any questions about completing the list or you want to speak with a CDPHP pharmacist about scheduling a consultation, please call (518) 641-3220.

CDPHP is an HMO with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in CDPHP Medicare Choices depends on contract renewal.

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