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Health Ally

Seniors Can Talk to a Health Coach

From senior fitness programs and discounts, to finding the right course of treatment, a coach from the CDPHP® Health Ally™ program can help you with personalized, one-on-one support.

Medicare Choices members and their caregivers can get support, education and help navigating member benefits and community-based services through this complimentary program. Our Health Ally coaches will walk you through the many wellness options we offer and, if you have a serious health condition, you may be guided in establishing an ongoing relationship with a specially trained health professional who can help you.

A Health Ally coach can help you:

  • Find providers of care.
  • Locate community and government programs that can help you.
  • Identify local support groups, caregiver resources, and respite care.
  • Assist you with disease-specific education.
  • Coordinate home care.
  • Help with pharmacy benefit assistance.
  • Locate transportation.
  • Tell you about CDPHP programs and benefits available to you.

Download the CDPHP® Health Ally™ brochure

To get started call 1-888-94-CDPHP (23747) Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

CDPHP refers to both the Capital District Physicians’ Health Plan, Inc., a Medicare Advantage HMO plan, and CDPHP Universal Benefits®, Inc., a Medicare Advantage PPO plan. Both companies are Medicare Advantage Organizations with a Medicare Contract. Enrollment in CDPHP Medicare Choices depends on contract renewal. To join, you must have Medicare Parts A and B and live in the service area.

CDPHP is an HMO with a Medicare contract. Enrollment in CDPHP Medicare Choices depends on contract renewal.

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Meet the Case Management Team

Lisa Dorries: Health Ally Representative

A registered case manager for CDPHP's Health Ally program, Lisa helps our senior population.

Meet the whole team