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Could a Medicare Advantage HMO plan be right for you?

Typically HMO plans offer coverage for in-network providers only, with the exception of urgent and emergency care while out of the area. So if you don't receive routine care out of the area, an HMO plan might be a good fit. You'll also need to designate a primary care physician (PCP) to enroll in an HMO plan.

Check out the Medicare Advantage HMO plans listed below to see which one may best fit your needs.

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2023 Medicare HMO Map

Choice HMO and Choice Rx HMO1

Monthly Premium2

Choice: $39.90*

Choice Rx: $124

Primary Care Physician Office Visit Copayment


Doctor on Demand


Specialist Office Visit Copayment


Routine Annual Physical Exam Copayment


Urgent Care Copayment

$45 worldwide coverage

Emergency Room Copayment3

$90 worldwide coverage



Outpatient Surgery


Physical Therapy


Inpatient Hospitalization

Days 1-6: $260 per day

Dental Allowance on a prepaid Benefits Mastercard to use at any dentist for all dental services,
routine cleaning/restorative/dentures (not to be used for teeth whitening):

$1,500 reimbursement

Vision: Annual Routine Eye Exam


Frames/Lenses (per year)

$250 reimbursement

Hearing Care Solutions Hearing Aid Benefit

$199 or $499

Over-the-counter Benefit

$75 / quarter

Senior Fit Included


CDPHP Life Points® Rewards

Earn up to $175

Lab Services

$0 or $5



Advanced Imaging Studies (CT, MRI, etc.)




Plan Documents

Evidence of Coverage (EOC) & Summary of Benefits (SOB) Information

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Medicare Advantage Plan Options

*Does not include Rx


  1. Must use plan providers

  2. You must continue to pay your Medicare Part B premium; You may qualify for lower premiums with EPIC or Low Income Subsidy

  3. Copayment waived if admitted to the hospital within 24 hours for the same diagnosis.