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A collection of positive and inspiring stories with CDPHP

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The Great American Smokeout - Blash Precision Ceramics of Albany

Blasch Precision Ceramics of Albany 
CDPHP group since 2005

Blasch employees

It was no ordinary work day at Blasch Precision Ceramics in Albany, NY. This employee-owned company that offers technically advanced industrial ceramics encouraged employees to quit tobacco for the day in observance of the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout.

Employees at Blasch joined millions of people from worksites all over the US who band together to “kick the habit” for a day, and use the day to learn about what resources are available for a future, long-term plan to quit tobacco.

As an actively engaged employer in the Shared Health program, Blasch Precision Ceramics partnered with their CDPHP Shared Health team to host onsite blood pressure screenings and a display table to educate employees on tobacco cessation resources.

Employees were encouraged to participate in the event by pledging to not use tobacco for the day.  Non-smokers were also invited to partake by giving something else up such as coffee, soda or sweets, or by supporting a fellow coworker in their quit-smoking attempt.   More than 20 employees at Blasch Precision Ceramics took part in their Great American Smokeout event.

Pictured from left: Mike Jantzen, health promotion specialist, CDPHP; Bob Paige, quality assurance technician, Blasch Precision Ceramics; and Pierre Pinard, quality assurance manager, Blasch Precision Ceramics