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A collection of positive and inspiring stories with CDPHP

Small but Meaningful Act of Kindness - Steve Sautin of CDPHP

Quite the surprise for CDPHP’s Steve Sautin who was recently called into Dr. Bennett’s office, only to learn he was being recognized as a good Samaritan. The good deed was noticed by Elaine Person, who wrote a letter to Dr. Bennett, letting him know about what she called, “A small but meaningful act of kindness.”

Help During a High-Risk Pregnancy - Grace of CDPHP

Trish meets her case managerTrish of Corinth
CDPHP member since 2000

It was an emotional day at CDPHP when one of our members came face-to-face with the case manager who helped guide her through a high-risk pregnancy.

You may have seen Trish in a TV commercial aired locally in 2013. She spoke about her experience carrying twin boys, and how her CDPHP case manager guided her through the nerve-wracking process. In the ad, Trish commented that she never got the chance to meet Grace, but if she did, she wanted to hug her.

Well, CDPHP recently arranged for a surprise meeting of the two! The pictures tell it all. Trish and Grace hugged for nearly a minute. It was quite a Member Moment.