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Think ahead about what your out-of-pocket expenses will be next year. But be sure not to have more deducted than you will use on qualified expenses. Currently, the most an employee can annually defer under a health FSA is $2550.00. Limits are determined by the IRS.

To make it easy to pay for prescriptions, copayments, or visits that occur before you have fulfilled your deductible, you will receive a free debit card. Use it at the time of service or pay for medical bills after you receive them. Remember to use it only for items that are allowed, and always save your receipts in case you need to document your expenditures.

To be reimbursed for claims that you paid for out-of-pocket, like dependent care expenses, you will need to complete a claim form and send it in to be reimbursed. Download the FSA Claim Reimbursement Form

For added convenience, you can log in to the secure member site to view and track your claims, check your FSA balance, and submit claims online. Learn about the features available once you are logged in by downloading our guide Accessing Your Funding Account in the Secure Portal