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$0 Copay Enhanced Primary Care

Better Care, Lower Costs

Save Money with Enhanced Primary Care


For more than a decade, CDPHP has partnered with a team of primary care doctors who’ve proven that they can provide better, more comprehensive care. Through CDPHP Enhanced Primary Care, these doctors have been able to increase the quality of the care they provide, all while lowering costs. We believe so strongly in this program that we’ve launched the $0 Copay Enhanced Primary Care Plan.

You will receive higher-quality care with no cost-share if you visit an Enhanced Primary Care practice.


Visit to a Non-Enhanced Primary Care practice: Your copay is $30

Visit to an Enhanced Primary Care practice: Your copay is $0


This summary offers highlights but does not detail all benefits, limitations, or exclusions. It is not a contract and may be subject to change. For more detailed information, a Membership Certificate is available upon request.

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