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Your Embrace Health Debit Card

How Your Embrace Health Debit Card Works

When you sign up for CDPHP® Embrace Health, you will receive your CDPHP Embrace Health debit card. This card can be used when you purchase any IRS-qualified health expense listed on your CDPHP Embrace Health Reimbursable Expenses flyer. These expenses are covered by your CDPHP Embrace Health bonus account, even if they are not covered under your medical plan.

Always keep your receipts. According to IRS guidelines, all transactions must be verified for coverage. If we cannot verify your transaction automatically, we may send you a substantiation letter, asking you to provide additional documentation.

Filing Claims:
Login to submit claims online. Please include copies of supporting documentation, which must indicate:

  • Member name and ID number
  • Name of person receiving service/product and the relationship to the member
  • Name of provider
  • Date of service/date product was purchased
  • Description of service/product
  • Amount you paid for the service/product