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Embrace Health Gives You a CDPHP-funded Bonus Account

CDPHP® Embrace Health gives you a CDPHP-funded bonus account. You can use this account for any IRS-qualified health expense, regardless of whether it is covered under your medical plan. Examples include:

  • Deductibles, copayments or coinsurance 
  • Dental care and dentures
  • Prescription eyewear, including contact lenses
  • Bandages and crutches
  • Acupuncture and other holistic treatments ordered by a health care professional

Preventive services are covered in full, so you won’t need to tap into your bonus account to pay for your annual physical. Instead, you choose which IRS-qualified health expenses you want to pay for with the bonus account.

Any unused bonus account balance can be rolled over to the next benefit year, accumulating up to twice the amount of the original account.


This summary offers highlights but does not detail all benefits, limitations, or exclusions. It is not a contract and may be subject to change. For more detailed information, a Membership Certificate is available upon request.