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Hybrid Health Plans Overview

Benefits include:

  • Office visit copayments as low as $20.
  • Affordable annual deductibles start at only $500 and do not apply to doctor visits, urgent care, physical therapy, lab, X-ray, and many other routine office-based services.
  • 100 percent coverage with no out-of-pocket expenses after you reach a out-of-pocket maximum*.
  • National network access to more than half a million providers.


* When using the out-of-network benefits with the Hybrid PPO plan, you are also responsible for the difference between non-participating provider charges and an allowed amount, even after the coinsurance maximum has been met.

The Hybrid EPO and PPO plans are underwritten by CDPHP UBI. This summary offers highlights but does not detail all benefits, limitations, or exclusions. It is not a contract and may be subject to change. For more detailed information, a Membership Certificate is available upon request.