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CafeWellTM is social networking at its healthiest

Whether you’re a health nut looking to maintain your current lifestyle, or someone who would just like to live a little healthier, wouldn’t it be nice to connect with some like-minded people for tips and advice? Or experts that can guide you along the way?

That’s why CDPHP® has partnered with CaféWellTM designed to bring you the wellness resources and connections you’re looking for. It’s a social network for health management, offering a safe, secure, FREE environment for participating in discussions, joining communities, and getting expert information – all in the name of good health!

When you join CaféWell, you’ll discover that it’s:

  • Fun – Offers rewarding wellness challenges
  • Informative– Users can access news, videos, resources, tools, and expert advice
  • Accessible – Uses both web and mobile interfaces
  • Simple – Quick and easy implementation
  • Private – Users can remain anonymous

Experience CaféWell today.