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CDPHP Fitness ConnectSM

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CDPHP Fitness ConnectSM – free fitness centers conveniently located throughout the Capital Region as part of our commitment to promoting health and wellness to the community.

Each free gym features cardiovascular machines, strength-training equipment, and more. Simply swipe your key tag to enter. Registration is free to anyone 18 and older. You do not have to be a CDPHP member to enjoy this free community wellness resource.

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Fitness Connect FAQ

Do I have to be a CDPHP member to join a Fitness Connect gym?

No, you do not have to be a CDPHP member to enjoy this free community wellness resource. Registration is free to anyone 18 and older.

Can I bring my child to the gym?

CDPHP Fitness Connect gyms are only accessible to people age 18 and over. Minors are not allowed in the gym, even if accompanied by an adult.

Are there personal training sessions or fitness classes offered at your gyms?

At this time, CDPHP does not offer personal training or classes at our locations. Personal training is not allowed in the gyms unless with permission from CDPHP.

What kinds of equipment and amenities are at the gyms?

All of the gyms have cardiovascular and strength training equipment such as treadmills, exercise bikes, elliptical machines, free weights, kettlebells, and weight machines. All gyms have bathrooms and lockers, and all have showers except the North Greenbush location. Please do not leave personal items or locks on the lockers overnight.

Who should I contact if I have an issue at the gym or my key tag isn’t working?

You may request equipment repairs, report housekeeping issues, get a replacement key tag, and address other concerns by filling out the service request form.

I went to the address for the gym but can’t find it. Where do I enter?

  • Latham
    Enter on the west side of the building, past the loading dock.

  • Delmar
    Enter on the right side of the building if entering from Elsmere Ave.

  • North Greenbush
    Enter in the back of the building, facing Route 4.

  • Clifton Park
    Enter in the back of the building. Go through the first door, then gym entrance is on the left. Swipe your card there.

  • Saratoga Springs
    Located in building 6 in the plaza. There is a purple Fitness Connect sign in front of the entrance.

Have Questions? Lost Key Tag? Equipment Issue?

Now, it’s easier than ever to ask a question or report an issue at your gym. Simply fill out the online Fitness Connect Service Request to report equipment issues, housekeeping needs, key tag replacement requests, and other concerns.

Submit a Service Request
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