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Mental Health Support

 There are several resources you can take advantage of to ensure you keep your mental health at the top of your priority list, including:

  • The CDPHP Behavioral Health Access Center - CDPHP offers you personal assistance and a variety of resources for coping with mental health issues. Call the CDPHP Behavioral Health Access Center toll-free at 1-888-320-9584 between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. If you require urgent after-hours support, please call the crisis hotline at 1-855-293-0785.

  • Doctor On Demand* – telemedicine app available 24/7 for consultation, testing, and treatment. Doctor On Demand is a safe and convenient alternative to urgent care. In addition, Doctor on Demand has a team of licensed psychiatrists and psychologists available to provide mental health services from the comfort of home.

  • The CDPHP Care Team – Do you feel like you need help navigating your health, but not sure where to start? The CDPHP Care Team can help. Call member services at the number on your member ID card to be connected with a team member.

    • Members currently working with the CDPHP Care Team may be eligible for Valera Health, a smartphone app that keeps you connected and issues gentle reminders about your care. Contact your CDPHP Care Team member to learn more.

  • Employer-based Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs) – Many employers offer supportive resources through an EAP arrangement. Contact your company’s benefits department for more information about this service.

 *Available with most plans. Check your member contract for details.

During a Crisis, Knowing Your Health Benefits is More Important than Ever

Register for a CDPHP online member account to be prepared in case you need care, and to stay up-to-date on claims. Quickly and easily check coverage for health care services, access resources, track your out-of-pocket spending, and much more.