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Lifestyle Management

Lifestyle Management for Lasting Change

Want to improve your health and feel more energetic? CDPHP® has partnered with Canary Health to offer you the personalized, Virtual Lifestyle Management (VLM) program.

John’s Video Story: How he turned things around with VLM
Having just retired, John was hoping to enjoy a more relaxed life. But a stressful job combined with genetics had taken a toll on his health. He was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at a time he wanted to enjoy his life most. John turned to our Virtual Lifestyle Management program to turn things around.

Discover Virtual Lifestyle Management


Behavior Change for Life
Virtual Lifestyle Management (VLM) is an online weight management program that combines goal setting, tracking, and online coaching to help you improve your physical activity and nutrition habits. It is a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention-recognized diabetes prevention program. As a CDPHP member, this program is offered at no cost to you.

Virtual Lifestyle Management is Not a Diet
It’s a lifestyle self-management program for lasting change. VLM empowers participants to commit to and make small changes over the course of a year that can help lower A1C (average blood sugar level), keep weight off for the long-term, and improve overall health and well-being.

How Virtual Lifestyle Management Works:

  • A tailored experience designed to fit your individual lifestyle and personal health goals.

  • Proactive coaching from trained health coaches in a private and secure environment.

  • Self-guided online lessons with 24/7 group support.

  • Pedometer, digital scale, and tracking tools.

Begin your journey to better health. Log into CaféWell and sign up for VLM today.