Smoking Cessation Benefits Guide

Learn about covered services when going smoke-free

This guide is designed to help you locate covered benefits when going smoke-free. Learn what is available, who is eligible, and how to access the benefits below. Refer to your member benefit materials or login to your account to learn more.

On the Phone

Up to 8 counseling sessions and 16 weeks of nicotine replacement therapy per year.

Available to all eligible CDPHP members 18 and older.

Members can enroll by calling 1-866-697-8487.

With A Group

7 weeks of smoking cessation group support and education and 2 weeks supply of nicotine patches or gum.

Available to all CDPHP members.

Register by calling St. Peter’s Health Partners at 518-459-2550 or Ellis Medicine at 518-831-6957

With Your Doctor

Up to 8 doctor visits per benefit year up to a maximum of 3 consecutive or non-consecutive years; visits include focused supportive counseling and nicotine replacement therapy.

Available to all eligible CDPHP members. Coverage for these services is subject to member eligibility and contract limitations.

Contact your primary care provider (PCP), or if you do not have a PCP, use our Find-A-Doc search tool to locate one.