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Guidelines for Pre-teens and Teens

Adolescence is an important time for physical and mental health development. Your teen should continue to keep up with regular checkups, screenings, and vaccines.

Which preventive care services do teens need every year?

  • Physical exam with their primary care doctor
  • Blood tests for iron and cholesterol as recommended by their doctor
  • Dental cleaning and exam twice a year
  • Vaccines

Immunizations for Pre-teens and Teens
Immunizations protect teens from potentially life-threatening diseases. Check the CDPHP Guidelines for Care for recommended vaccines and/or shots. For more information about vaccines, see the CDC Immunization Schedule for ages 7-18 years.

Teens should talk to their doctor about:

  • Concerns about feeling down, anxious, or having trouble sleeping
  • Healthy body weight and body image
  • Safe and healthy relationships

During visits with the doctor, encourage your teen to spend time one-on-one with the doctor (without you in the room). It will help them feel like they can talk openly with their doctor about health questions and concerns.

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Preventive Health Guidelines for Teens

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