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Questions? Call CDPHP at (518) 641-3150 or 1-877-754-5063


Find-A-Doc - Your Online Doctor Search Tool

The easiest way to find a doctor, right at your fingertips. Find-A-Doc will help you find a doctor, specialist, hospital, pharmacy, urgent care center, or any other service you may need.

Call to Get a Price Check

CDPHP Price Check is designed to create cost transparency by giving you estimated costs on a range of health care services before you choose a provider. Just call CDPHP at (518) 641-3150 to get a cost estimate.


Behavioral Health Providers

Liveandworkwell is here to support you in times of change, challenges, coping and crisis. We help with stress, depression, relationship or parenting issues and lots more. Use your access code "GE" to register or login.


Your National Network

GE has extended your in-network options outside the local area by giving you access to the CDPHN National Network. Discover the details of your national network.

Download the My CDPHP Mobile app

When you use the My CDPHP Mobile app, you can access important benefit information, like your copay amounts or deductible balances; view, e-mail or fax your member ID card; locate the nearest doctor, hospital, or health care facility while on the go.