250 Plan

250 Plan Member Tools & Resources


Secure Member Site

The secure member site is your single sign-on resource site for many programs available only to CDPHP members. Simply register and you can quickly set up your account completely online.

Health Savings Account - BenefitWallet

Manage your health savings account (HSA) online. The BenefitWallet HSA member website provides personalized, real-time content and enables you to manage all aspects of your health care account easily and efficiently.
Delta Dental

Delta Dental

Delta Dental to provides you with high quality dental coverage at affordable prices.

Find-A-Doc - Your Online Doctor Search

The easiest way to find a doctor, right at your fingertips. Find-A-Doc will help you find a doctor, specialist, hospital, pharmacy, urgent care center, or any other service you may need.

Download the My CDPHP Mobile app

When you use the My CDPHP Mobile app, you can access important benefit information, like your copay amounts or deductible balances; view, e-mail or fax your member ID card; locate the nearest doctor, hospital, or health care facility while on the go.

Prescription Drug Information from Caremark

Prescription medications can have a big impact on your health – and on your wallet. That’s why it’s so important to understand how your prescription drug coverage works. Visit Caremark.com for information on your drug coverage.

View Vision Benefits

We know that sometimes life can get complicated but using your vision benefits is easy. Our vision coverage has laid out a clear path to your benefits to guide you.

Wellness Opportunities

As a CDPHP member, you have access to many different wellness opportunities.  Whether you’re just starting out on the road to wellness or you’ve been working your program for years, there’s something out there for everyone! Visit this site to take advantage of the wellness programs available to you.