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Your CDPHP Coverage

CDPHP provides comprehensive maternity coverage to help you have a healthy pregnancy and baby. For a complete list of maternity benefits, sign in and select Benefits.

Prenatal care
Includes routine visits, screenings, tests (such as glucose tolerance test), and important immunizations (such as TDAP and flu shot)
Covered Initial visit to confirm pregnancy is subject to member cost-share per benefit plan.
Prenatal ultrasounds Covered Up to three obstetric ultrasounds per routine pregnancy.
Delivery and inpatient maternity care Covered Subject to member cost-share per benefit plan.
Newborn nursery care Covered Subject to member cost-share per benefit plan.
Postpartum home health care, if medically needed Covered when arranged by CDPHP No cost for one visit for women who leave the hospital sooner than 48 hours for a vaginal birth (96 hours for a C-section). Other home health visits subject to member cost-share.
Care management for high-risk pregnancies No charge Call 1-800-274-2332 or (518) 641-4100 to speak with a CDPHP nurse for help and advice.
Genetic screenings Covered Includes basic chromosomal screenings. Other screenings and further follow-up may be subject to member cost-share per benefit plan.
Postpartum care Covered A postpartum visit with your OB/GYN is recommended between six and eight weeks after delivery. For help scheduling a postpartum appointment, call (518) 641-4800 and press 2.
PHARMACY (Covered for members with prescription drug coverage through CDPHP)
Prenatal vitamins Covered with prescription Refer to your pharmacy benefit.
Progesterone treatment to help prevent premature birth Covered Talk to your OB/GYN to find out if progesterone treatment is right for you.
Childbirth or parenting classes Members are reimbursed 50% of the cost, up to $30 Check the class listings at your local hospital or ask your OB/GYN about availability.
Smoking cessation support No charge/Covered Get support over the phone with CDPHP Smoke-Free, with your doctor, or with a group.
Behavioral health support
Including help with depression, postpartum depression, substance use, or other concerns
No charge Call 1-888-320-9584 or 518-641-3600 to speak with a CDPHP social worker for help and advice.
Help with finding an OB/GYN or pediatrician No charge Call member services at the phone number listed on your member ID card.
Help with enrolling baby in health insurance No charge For assistance with enrolling your newborn in Child Health Plus, call the State Programs Enrollment Line at 1-844-237-4773, or request an enrollment appointment.
    For assistance in enrolling your newborn in Medicaid, call the CDPHP State Programs Enrollment Line at 1-844-237-4773 or request an enrollment appointment.
    For assistance enrolling your newborn in a commercial plan, contact your employer within 30 days to add your baby to your plan.
Breastfeeding classes Members are reimbursed the full amount Ask your OB/GYN about availability or check your local hospital for classes.
Breast pump One pump per benefit year covered at a participating vendor Visit Find-A-Doc or call member services at the number on your ID card to find participating vendors. Rentals or purchases over $500 require preauthorization.
Lactation counseling No charge Ask your OB/GYN, your child's pediatrician, or the facility where you delivered for assistance with finding a breastfeeding professional.
Breastfeeding support from a local Baby CaféTM Free and open to the public Find a Baby Café near you.

Your cost-share will depend on your specific benefit plan. Contact the CDPHP Member Services Department at the number on your member ID card with benefit questions.