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The Health Care Decoded with CDPHP podcast is part of our effort to make the health care information you need accessible – and easier to understand. Each episode features real, insightful, relatable conversations about the health care topics that matter most.

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Drug Costs, with Dr. Bennett

drug costs with Dr. BennettIn this episode, Dr. John Bennett, president and CEO of CDPHP®, explores the problem of increasing drug costs. With unique insight as both a physician and the leader of a health insurance plan, he explains how significant these costs really are, the role they play in overall health care expenses, and why raising awareness of the situation is key. Listen now.

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What's Really Driving Up Your Health Insurance Premium

What's Really Driving up Your Health Insurance Premium podcastIt’s no secret that for many people, health insurance premiums are on the rise. While it’s natural to want to blame your health plan, CDPHP® president and CEO, Dr. John Bennett, says don’t shoot the messenger. Listen to him explain the factors that drive the increasing cost of health insurance.

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