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Healthier Generation Benefit

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Prepare your family for a healthier tomorrow.

Parents and guardians are the decision-makers when it comes to the family’s health. You can make choices that can help your child live a longer, healthier life.

Ask your child’s health care provider if your child’s weight is a concern. If appropriate, your child may be eligible for the Healthier Generation Benefit: CDPHP covers exercise and nutritional counseling visits with primary care providers and registered dietitians for eligible members aged 3 to 18 years with a body mass index (BMI) ≥ 85th percentile. These services are subject to applicable deductibles, copayments, coinsurances, and/or group-specific contract limitations, if any.

Helpful Videos

Healthy Children, Healthy Weight video

Healthy Children, Healthy Weight
CDPHP is here to help you promote a healthy weight for your children! Learn more about the importance of maintaining a healthy weight and how the Healthier Generation Benefit may be able to help by viewing the Healthy Children, Healthy Weight webinar.

What a Registered Dietitian Can Do for You What a registered Dietitian Can Do for You video
Between what you hear on TV and read in the news, eating right can seem like a real challenge. Your best bet is the personalized services of a registered dietitian or registered dietitian nutritionist. Whether you want to slim down, lower your cholesterol, or simply eat better, RDs and RDNs can help cut through the clutter of confusing nutrition advice and provide a sound, easy to follow plan that is tailored to you and your goals.


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For further questions, please contact CDPHP member services department at the telephone number listed on your membership card.

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