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Simple Steps To A Healthy Direction

CDPHP designed healthy steps to be small, simple tasks that when completed by members can have a positive impact on their health. Your Healthy Direction program has been tailored by your employer. To view your Healthy Direction steps, log in and view your Healthy Direction HRA Online Tracker.

  • Name your primary care physician
    Your primary care physician (PCP) serves as the foundation for your health care and is well-versed in your unique health needs. Also, consider choosing a doctor who is part of the CDPHP Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) program, which encourages doctors to offer more flexible hours, more appointment access, and electronic communication. If you don’t have one, visit Find-A-Doc.

  • Visit your primary care physician
    Annual visits to your primary care physician (PCP) can help prevent and reduce risk of major health conditions.

  • Get a biometric screening
    A biometric screening can help identify your risk for certain diseases and medical conditions. This screening is often part of a physical exam or offered at a health fair.

  • Take your Personal Health Assessment (PHA)
    The Personal Health Assessment (PHA) is a series of questions to help you understand how your actions can influence your state of health.

  • Watch a Health Dialog Healthy Conversations video
    Watch a video on a health topic of your choice.

  • Take a free CDPHP community wellness class
    Choose from over 300 free community wellness classes.

  • Commit to quit smoking
    If you are a smoker, commit to quit by watching a smoking cessation video. If you’re already a non-smoker, attest to your non-smoking status.

  • Complete an activity offered by your employer
    Participate in a program designed for you by your employer. See your employer for details.